Server Configs

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CoD Server Config

– Call of Duty server cfg download

Or use CoD Server CFG Creator 1.1

This program will help you to create a complete config for your server easyer and faster… The configuration is separated in 7 categories: Server Information (Server name, message of the day, admin name, admin mail…), Server Options (Server pure, passwords, logs, security…), Network Options (server ip and port, rates and pings, downloads…), Game Options (Default gametype, votings and allowed votes, FF, killcam and a lot more…), Gametypes configuration, Map Rotation and allowed weapons. After you fill all spaces and check or uncheck some checkboxes you can finish it and save into your server.

Download CoD server CFG Creator for Call of Duty

CoD2 Server Config

Call of Duty 2 server cfg download

Or use CoD2 v 1.3 Dedicated Linux Server

PunkBuster Note: If PunkBuster fails to initialize upon initial server launch of Call of Duty 2 Linux Patch 1.3 there are two ways to resolve. The first is to open the home location of Call of Duty 2 Linux. Ensure you can see hidden files and delete the folder named .allofduty. Now you can launch the Call of Duty 2 server with the parameter +set sv_punkbuster 1 (Ex. ./cod2_lnxded +set sv_punkbuster 1).
If the above does not work, you can launch the server, but do not load a map (if you did launch a map, just enter killserver into the console and continue). Enter the following into the console; pb_sv_enable. Now launch a map, punkbuster should be working.
To test whether or not PunkBuster was initialized correctly, with the server launched (ie. Map running), enter pb_sv_ver into the console. If there is a returned value, PunkBuster has been successfully initialized.

Download Call of Duty 2 v 1.3 Dedicated Linux Server


CoD4 Server Config

 Call of Duty 4 Server cfg download

CS 1.6 Server Config

ClanBase Server Config
ESL 5 vs 5 CFG
ESL Server config 5on5 CFG
OneDayCup Server Config
–  Slap Client Config
Slap Server Settings CFG
Standart Server CFG

CS:GO Server Configs

CS:GO Server CFG download

How to setup a Counter-Strike: GO

CS Source Server Config

CS Source Server CFG download

TF2 Server Config

– TF2 Server MvM CFG download
Team Fortress 2 Server CFG download

W: ET Server Config

-Enemy Territory Server cfg download

Cache cfg
Clanbase 1vs1 cfg
Clanbase 3vs3 cfg
Clanbase 5vs5 cfg
Clanbase 6vs6 cfg
Euro 1vs1 cfg
Euro 2vs2 cfg
Euro 3vs3 cfg
Euro 5vs5 cfg
Euro 6vs6 cfg
Headshot server cfg
StopWatchCycle cfg
TF ET 6vs6 cfg 
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